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Company Overview.

Executive Summary

Cornerstone Mineral Corporation Limited is an important subsidiary of Millennium Mineral Holdings.

Cornerstone already holds 2000 hectares of prime silica material at Pebbly Hills in the South Island of New Zealand. It is intended to secure adjacent areas which will comprise of a truly world class deposit with a life measure in decades.

As the name suggests Millennium Mineral Holdings is focused on the dominate minerals of this Millennium namely silica.

Silica is an important component of many of the 21st Centuries technology, in particular:

  • Solar Energy Production
    Silica is vital in the production of Solar Panels which captures the suns energy.
  • The rapidly expanding computer and technology industries.Silica facilitates the ever increasing role of computers and tele-communications. Imagine back to 1960 – now look forward to an unrecognisable 2100.
  • The Medical Field
    Silica will change the way the medical environment will diagnose and treat any disease or possible illness by actively interlinking with all electronic medium for a real time diagnosis.Effectiveness to problem solving will decrease workload dramatically and extending life to the point that ageing stops.

Silica is truely the mineral of this millennium and beyond.

Corporate Structure

On 23 December 2011, Cornerstone Mineral Corporation Limited, (“CMC”), (Registration No. 3696355), (“The Company”) was formed with its main object being mining and exploration.

In August 2012 Millennium Mineral Holdings Ltd (“MMH”) was incorporated as the New Zealand Group Holding Company (Registration No. 3934888), (“The Holdco”).

CMC is 75% owned by MMH and 25% owned by independent investors.


MMH is up to 20% owned by Pacific Africa Resources International (Pty) Limited (“PARI”), (Registration No. 2015/132196/07). The ultimate South African holding company is Pilocel (Pty) Limited (“Pilocel”), (Registration No. 2013/150044/07), with 56,81%.