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Executive Committee

NC Basson

EA Basson

AJ Cecil

BJ Gardner (Secretarial)


BJ Gardner

NC Basson

EA Basson

J Cilliers

Technical Committee

R Creasy (Chairman)

S Densem

NC Basson

AJ Cecil


Cornerstone has also procured the professional services of the following consultants:

R Creasy: 

An internationally respected Mining Entrepreneur. Ron qualified as a Mining Engineer at The Royal School of Mines in England and has proved his competence in numerous areas including copper, coal, gold and platinum. Not independent.

A J Cecil: 

Leading force in the development of MMH. He is an experienced Corporate Strategist. Not independent.

N Walbrand:

An experienced Electrical Engineer operating as a Consultant to Electricity Producers.

P Camden-Smith:

Cornerstone had instructed Camden Geoserve cc to update the existing Competent Persons Report.

N Powell:

Independent Geologist – New Zealand